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What is Ravel's case coverage?

With Ravel you can search federal and state case law. The following table presents the scope of our coverage. To access US District Courts and state case law, upgrade your account here.

Court Start Date Access
Supreme Court All Open
Circuit Courts 1925 Open
District Courts 1933 Professional, Advanced, Premium
All States 1950 Advanced, Premium

Does Ravel support Boolean searches?

Ravel supports the following operators:

Operator Purpose Example
AND Inclusion search AND seizure yields cases with both terms.
OR Alternative privacy OR secrecy yields cases that contain either term or both terms.
NOT Exclusion defect NOT failure yields cases that include the term "defect" but not "failure".
" " Exact phrase "summary judgment" yields cases that contain this exact phrase.
( ) Combination searches (antitrust OR monopoly) AND conspiracy yields cases with either "antitrust" or "monopoly and also "conspiracy".
* Single-character wildcard te*t yields cases containing any word that fits this wildcard, such as "text" or "test". The wildcard stands for a single-character and can be used within a word or at the end, e.g. "forge*" yields "forger" and "forges".
! Root expander contribut! yields cases with words containing variant endings, such as contributed, contributor, contribution, etc. It must be used at the end of a term.
/N Within N words capital /5 loss yields cases where these terms appear within 5 words of each other, in either direction.
/s Within same sentence campaign /s finance yields cases where these terms both appear in the same sentence.
/p Within same paragraph driving /p blood yields cases where these terms both appear in the same paragraph.

New to Ravel?

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How do I filter by date?

Use the slider on the search results page to define a time period you're interested in. The visualization will repopulate with the 75 most relevant cases from that period.

What do the "Relevance" and "Cluster" filters do?

"Relevance" aligns cases vertically, with the most relevant cases moving to the top of the screen. "Cluster" separates cases into citation-based groups, helping identify which cases are closely connected and which cases are outliers.

Can I print cases in a two-column format?

Yes, you can. Just click on the print icon, which you'll find at the top of every case. You can then print the case or save it as a PDF.

Are my searches and comments private?

Yes. Your privacy is important to us, and your search history and comments are only available to you. If you choose to login with social media, like LinkedIn, rest assured that we will never post on your behalf without your permission. If you are interested in sharing your comments or searches within a small group (e.g. within your firm), please contact us to learn more.

How much does this cost?

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