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Attorneys rely on Ravel to uncover on-point cases, needles in the haystack and insights about judges.
And, their research is up to 70% faster.

the law, mapped
the law, mapped

Visualize your search to quickly connect the dots and identify major cases as well as needles in the haystack.

Ravel has mapped the law to help attorneys understand the legal landscape, ensuring that key cases are not missed.

precedent, analyzed
precedent, analyzed

Instead of drowning in cases, cut to the heart of them. Find key factual passages and points of law by seeing what judges themselves think.

Ravel’s case reading experience uses cutting-edge technology to instantly deliver insights from millions of court opinions in one glance.

Your Judge, Unraveled
your judge, unraveled

Good lawyers know the case, great lawyers know the judge.

Gain an edge by discovering patterns and outliers about how your judge thinks and rules, as well as who and what influences them.

No more firm-wide emails or out-of-date biographies.

Move your research from anecdotes to analytics.

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